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you could ever hope for. perfect. [woman crying] here, now. what's this? oh, edward, i shouldn't. no, bertha. you go right ahead and cry. but i don't want you to remember me like this-- all teary. any memory of you will be the most precious a man could carry. but i promised myself that i'd be brave and smile till the very end. [crying] oh, why must you go away? i must serve out my enlistment. i must go to sea tomorrow. for 2 years? it's just not fair. darling... i'm a commissioned officer in the royal navy and-- oh, i hate that commission, and i hate that uniform, and i hate the royal navy. bertha! oh, no, i don't... really. i'm sorry. i'll release you from your promise... if you want. oh, no! oh, edward! crocket's voice: i couldn't help meself. see, that's the way it is with us crickets. we get involved. my darling, you will be here when i return? promise? oh, edward. i love you so. ♪ don't give your love away ♪ ♪ wait for me, i will come back ♪ ♪ to you ♪ and we'll have a thousand days of may ♪ ♪ don't give your love ♪ away ♪ i've kissed your smiles away ♪ ♪
and everything. steven talbot inventor, edward little builder and timothy martin test pilot. boy, what a team! let's lift it and see how it fits. balance is perfect. boy you're lucky, to get a chance like this. i sure am! when am i gonna take off? this afternoon. this afternoon? well we gotta eat don't we? when we get back we'll take it up to where we're gonna test it. where's that? we'll show you when we get there. we found it this morning, it's just right. see ya back here. okay, come on, girl. ♪ ú úúilg with us. i promised steve and eddy i'd meet them again, right after i finished eating. thank you, lassie. here dear, i taped the wing for you. i think she'll fly again now. i'll be the best pilot on a big plane. classified information? well, that means a secret. well suppose you give this enemy all the details? but i can't mom. steve and eddy and i, we made a pact. and i couldn't ask you to break that pact, now could i? i'm not supposed to. alright. i understand. can i go now? i promised i'd meet them. well your father telephoned and especially asked that you would get started with you
to a stirrer. i feel like -- >> measure out your shots. >> edward bartender hands. >> we should drink. i like the way you think. >> i'm just going to pretend we need to measure this. >> what are we drinking, by the way? >> this is a whiskey and ginger ale. >> i'll take that. it's never too early on the "today" show. usually it's for the 10:00 hour. >> should we skip the ginger ale? >> while i sip this, tell me about this scale over here. >> all right. fitness tracking, as you just talked about, is huge this year. some of the best ways to kind of boost your fitness is to track how many miles you're going, how much weight you have to lose. this is a scale that has bluetooth, and it syncs with an app so when you step on the scale, it records your weight. it tracks your weight for you. what you can get it to do is actually tweet how much you weigh. >> let me ask you, why in the world would you want to tweet out how much you weigh? >> well, some people might need the extra motivation to lose that weight. for guys like you and me, we would just be saying, you know, this weekend i gained five pounds
dropped all charges against john edwards. >> a prostitution scandal involving members of the secret service. the men had copies of president obama's exact schedule in their hotel rooms at the time. >> the surprise resignation of cia director david petraeus after he admitted to an extramarital affair. >> big news out of hollywood. brad pitt and angelina jolie's engagement. >> i just want peace. >> she cried. >> crocodile tears. >> the surprising split of seal and heidi klum. >> katie holmes to file for divorce from tom cruise. >> we're talking about "50 shades of grey." >> two of the ladies in the studio have read the book. >> that's correct. some have ordered the sequel. >> a huge honey boo boo fan right here. >> one thing is clear, she loves to tan. >> i'm sorry. i'm tan. i like to be tan. >> viral video craze sweeping the nation. >> jerry sandusky found guilty on 45 counts of child sexual abuse. >> lance armstrong has been stripped of his seven tour de france titles and banned for life from the sport. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> let the games begin. london ready to put on the bigge
to save a drowning woman. cell phone video captured officer edward norton taking the plunge in torrential rain after a woman fell into the four point channel. norton is being praised for his quick action. he said it's all in a day's work. >> it's christmas in great britain and the royals are celebrating with traditions old and new. we have the latest from london. jim, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, erica from a blustery london today. as the queen prepares for yet another holiday season, britons are looking back on a truly remarkable year. queen elizabeth may believe in a traditional christmas, but her promotional video of this year's christmas speech looks more like a movie trailer. in a year na marked diamond jubilee celebrations for her 60 years on the throne and her virtual parachuting into london's olympic games. >> they gave the rest of us an opportity to share something of the excitement and drama. >> reporter: in a technological first the speech is viewable in 3d when it airs tomorrow. still, there will be few surprises the at the windsor's estate where the royal family c
says you can't register a claim for a man in a mask. go ahead. name's edward dudley and richard mchenry. what's the matter? oh nothing. give me the location first. one point north east of split rock and the unfriendly mountains. un... excuse me i'll get another pen. you seem nervous. i just had a hard day, you know running a land office isn't easy. did dudley and mchenry strike it rich? i'm just registering the claim for them. the unfriendly mountains... south five hundred yards from a mound of stones, north two hundred feet from lanten rock. oh excuse me. no wait. no you have business i don't want any part of. hovey wait! get 'em up mister. reach, reach high. what's going on here? where's carter? following mchenry and a stray indian up to the mine. who's this? i don't know but he just filed that claim. dudley's claim? yep, i've got the whole location right down in that book.get his guns. what are you two up to? well now look who's asking questions. what are you up to? and how did you get into this? you'll find out. yeah. waford, tear the page off that book, i'll take care of the claim
bella and edward. it's a movie, people. grow up. >> this is a year of big movies. "lincoln" and all the rest. >> like "skyfall" will be the highest grossing james bond movie. >> les miserables. >> it came out. you missed it on christmas day. >> you're right. >> get to the movies. >> i'm so drunk in advance of new year's eve. >> let's talk about other hollywood relationships. >> yes. obviously -- kristen stewart and rob pattinson, and katie holmes and tom cruise broke up. >> a lot of people speculated that that might be, but the way it happened so quickly and then the way it was over. >> yeah, yeah. >> they almost cut the deal done within a night. >> she cut her ties, and she ran off to new york. she was -- she's on broadway already. >> yeah. >> but obviously people think having to do with scientology. they obviously it was a very public split. that was a major one. then chris brown and rihanna, that is just -- >> i'm over that one. >> the two of them, it's hard to really understand it. you know, they seem to be drawing back to each other. they keep -- >> she might be smart enough to
it's like a valve and you have to shut the valve up top. farm manager wil edwards leads tours and teaches folks how to milk goats. be very firm. very good. that was good. truth be told, hand milking is udderly impossible with so many goats. milking machines are one of the few concessions to modern-day farming. we milk the goats by machine now because we have so many. the milk, gets filtered and goes into a cooling tent where it's cooled immediately. and then we pasteurize it that day. i'm ready for my close up. alright. good to go? so now we're ready to go into the dairy part. harley farms is one of only a handful of dairies in the u.s. undertaking every aspect of the cheese making process, including of course making the cheese itself. we're a farmstead dairy, which means we have our own animals and produce our own milk that produces our own cheese. the cheese they're making today is a product called "monet" -- one of their signature goat cheeses, topped by hand with edible flowers. i feel like i'm all thumbs here. well they're very delicate these little petals like that. harl
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)